Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bubble Ninja Jade System guide

In the Bubble Ninja world, a good defense is always better than an attack. Items that get to kill BOSS, Jade and Jade chain is one ofthe most important equipment. A. Jade chain Contains a strong soul and can improve the attributes of character,the chain can be socketed with different jade stone. B. jade Pure natural items, extraordinary strong material. Socket for jadechain to enhance the character level ninjutsu. C. Jade Necklace Jade upgrades and upgrades Chain jade or jade get to kill the BOSS will begin in early levels.Players can obtain jade chain higher class by improving the process in Konoha Shizuka (NPC). Use Pearl Jade Spirit to process upgrade for jade stone to higher levels. Jade stone to higher levels can increase the level of ninjutsu. Jade chain Jade Inari chain: Level 45, +10 attack attributes, quantity socket 1. Jade Ise chain: Level 50, attribute attackc +20, +20 defense, quantity socket is 2. Jade Shinwu chain: Level 55, attribute +30, defense +30, +60 HPlimit, the quantity socket 3. Shinsei chain Jade: Level 60, attribute +40, +40 Defense, +40Agility, +80 HP limit, quantity socket is 4. Jade Necklace Gaotian: Level 65, attribute +50, +50 Defense, +50Agility, +50 Critical Hit, +100 HP limit, quantity of the socket is 5. Jade: Jade is divided into 10 classes. From 1 to 5 classes, each skill levelwill increase one level ninjutsu. From grade 6, each level can be increased up of jade 2 levelninjutsu. Jade upgrade level to max level 10, ninjutsu will increase 15 levels. * Socket jade same chain, each of Ninjutsu can use one unit. Bubble Ninja Jade System guide by ninja2u

Bubble Ninja Bot guide

Bubble Ninja Bot system guide

In the world of Bubble Ninja , to ensure all players can enjoy the game completely free, we provide a useful system bots. Bot shortcut keys in the game interface on the bottom bar, click on the Settings button under the image bot from the game, you canopen the Manage Smart bot panel settings Managing Bot intelligent system interface configurations include:drug protection settings, Auto pick up, skill set of boots, andcombat-related settings. Restore Settings: Set up automatic restore HP and chakra, you can also choose a character to use a double EXP talisman on schedule,and do not forget to save! Bubble Ninja Bot  guide Pick up settings: automatic retrieve items can be set for the bot,you can set all take or take according to your needs, "check" statusto enable the automatic pick up and "off" to disable the auto pick up as above. Set of skills: You can set the offensive skills and two Buff whenrunning the bot skills, check out Buff skills to be used automatically. Bot set: Set the various battles and when you bot Combat settings: This setting can avoid variations BOSS or afterdeath, of course, require the corresponding item in stock items. Bubble Ninja Bot guide by ninja2u